Ishinomaki City Overview

 Located in the northeastern part of Japan in the Far East, Ishinomaki has flourished for 400 years as a hub of shipping that links Tokyo with the northern part of Japan.
 The Kitakami River runs through the center of Ishinomaki from north to south, and the city is blessed with its natural surroundings of mountains, rivers and the ocean.
 One of the world's top three fisheries lies off the nearby Kinkasan Island, and the city itself is recognized as one of the leading port towns in Japan thriving with fishing and fish processing industries. Ishinomaki Fish Market handles a great variety of fresh fish and shellfish landed daily.
 There is another industrial port in Ishinomaki that handles transactions of industrial materials including lumber, and the city continues to develop in this domain. Development of the transportation system, such as the Sanriku Expressway, also provides convenience and accessibility for both the distribution system and the leisure industry.
 In addition, Ishinomaki is known as a leading grain provider even in Miyagi Prefecture with its vast farmland. Relatively mild climate conditions in the prefecture allow for rice cultivation in the main with the help of abundant water from the Kitakami River, along with integrated farming of produce from greenhouse vegetables and flower horticulture to livestock operations including beef production.
 The city is proud of its sister-city and friendship-city relationships with Wenzhou, China, and Civitavecchia, Italy, for active exchange between individuals and companies in various fields.


there are many attruction's in ISHINOMAKI city





an English language promotional video for the Ishinomaki area

We has produced an English language promotional video for the Ishinomaki area (comprising Ishinomaki City, Higashi-Matsushima City and Onagawa Town).

It not only shows the beauty and appeal of the region, but also how reconstruction efforts are proceeding after the 2011 tsunami.
The video includes stunning aerial footage taken by a drone, and English native speaker narration; a must see for anyone!